Hello Scotland!

I’ve been back in the land of kilts, dark beer and bagpipes for two weeks now! I am absolutely loving being back in this beautiful country. I’ve already done a bit of exploring around with my camera, firstly in Glasgow for a weekend, and around the towns of Peebles and Kirkcaldy with my family. There are so many interesting towns with little nooks and crannies to explore. Honestly, Scotland is a photographers paradise. I’m feeling very inspired by the landscapes, and cities built of stone. I’ll be posting lots of landscapes in the near future.

Next week I’ll be moving to Edinburgh, for the summer at least. There are so many festivals in Edinburgh over the summer including the Fringe and International Festivals as well as the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, which I am thoroughly looking forward to getting tickets to. So watch out for a little street photography coming from me!!

I’m going to try and be as frequent as I can with my blog updates, and sharing lots of photos!

Thanks for reading! Cheers.


9 thoughts on “Hello Scotland!

  1. welcome to Scotland, fellow photographer!

    i hope she welcomes you with open arms – although i have to say, having lived in Scotland all my life i’ve yet to see kilts and bagpipes! hehehe. they’re not really de rigeur, so to speak, we tend to just break out the ‘shortbread tin’ confectionery stereotypes for the tourists – so watch you don’t fall into that trap! πŸ™‚

    if you get the opportunity, and want to see some of the most beautiful parts of Scotland, may i suggest you take a trip to the Highlands. i’d recommend Dornie, near Eilean Donan Castle (the most photographed and most photogenic castle in Scotland), and Applecross (in Wester Ross region – with it’s palm trees, white powdered sand beaches and gulf stream) – it’s so beautiful and unspoilt up in the Highlands. the perfect place to escape the fakery of Edinburgh, with all it’s tourist traps and hype (as much as i love Auld Reekie, i see through it) and Glasgow (with it’s industrial, hard-faced, hard-working and hard-drinking players – and they will play you, for fun of course!). the Highlands, to me, in all its rugged beauty, you will find the real Scottish light (as a photographer, you will love to chase it) – beneath wide wide skies, and rugged mountains. its rivers and waterfalls to ponder or fish in (literally and metaphorically), its calm lochs (to reflect in…), its single-track roads (just crying out for exploration) and its quaint and picturesque villages and hamlets, where the beer is cold, the whisky aplenty and hospitality as warm as the sun. my heart belongs to the Highlands… i always find solace and magic there.

    you say you’ve been to Kirkcaldy. My goodness, that’s only 4 miles from where i live. it’s funny but i never think of Kirkcaldy as having any appeal to tourists. it’s not the thriving, bustling and holiday town it used to be. it’s fallen down, as many places have, with the recession. shops are closing. the High Street which at one time (so i’m told) was full of interesting shops, designer boutiques and quality stores – is now littered with TO LET signs and graffiti and boarded up windows. it’s a ghost town. there’s no nightlife- the locals don’t take pride in their town any more. it seems like they too have been seduced by the bright lights of bigger cities for nights out. a weekend night out in Kirkcaldy is like a national hide & seek championships, and everyone’s a winner. it’s really sad – seeing the town a lot of my friends grew up in in such decline.

    St Andrews is a pretty town. i was born there and given its history, its academia (Prince William studied at St Andrews University) and being synonymous with being the home of golf, and the beach where Chariots of Fire was filmed i thoroughly recommend a visit – if time allows. you will not be disappointed…

    anyway, i hope i don’t come across as a dirty raincloud to dampen your mood and excitement. i welcome you to Scotland – it IS one of the most beautiful and photogenic countries a person can visit, and i am lucky to live here (despite the shittiest weather!) as it has its charms and chequered history.

    if you want to see some of the real Scotland, you must venture out of the ‘safe’ (and ridiculously expensive) clutches of the tourist traps and head off on the beaten track – away from open-top tourist buses that skim the surface, like a Reader’s Digest abbreviated version of the whole story… get away from hand-held guided tours and city walks… find your own experiences of the places that interest you, and be open to visit some of the places i’ve mentioned. i am sure you will find magic there. no, in fact, i promise you that you will…. xx

    FΓ ilte gu Alba!

    (welcome to Scotland, in Gaelic)

  2. What a pleasure to read that comment, you will have to bookmark it for my future-planned visit so that we can go exploring together as you know I will have my camera too!

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