The other day I went to Summerhall to explore the art and take a look at this unique building. Both my flatmates work there, so I was excited to go and check it out. It’s a very interesting and massive building. It takes up about an entire block and it used to be a Veterinary School. There are so many random areas, and its VERY easy to get lost. I almost did.

I still have a few places to explore in Summerhall including the old dissection room and the bar. There is even a small brewery at Summerhall that makes Barney’s Beer. I have yet to try these beers, so I’ll hopefully get to writing a post on those soon! Summerhall also has a lot of events held at it during festival time, so I’ll be checking a lot of those out too!

I would recommend any visitors to Edinburgh to check it out, whether you’re a fan of contemporary art, like old and interesting buildings, or just want to go sit at a pub. It has such a cool and relaxed vibe, and it’s just a really neat building to snoop and wander around.








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