Barney’s Beer

I have now tried Barney’s beer. Very good. I’ve tried the Good Ordinary Pale Ale, the Red Rye, and the Beet Red Beer. All are delicious. My favourites are the Red Rye and the Beet Red Beer. The Beet Red Beer was quite different and actually tastes a lot like beetroot and is surprisingly pleasant. The pub at Summerhall is called The Royal Dick and there are tables outside. It’s very nice to sit enjoying the Scottish summer sun and a pint.

I also got to meet Barney, the man himself. We were chatting to him about his Beetroot beer, and he brought me out a bottle! Really tasty and recommended if you like beets and trying something new and different. Barney is a really nice guy and I’m sure I’ll be hanging around the pub at Summerhall frequently this summer with my flatmates and enjoying more of Barney’s Beers (and hopefully sunshine)!



I’ve been quite lucky in Scotland so far with mostly nice weather. The last couple days have been lovely and I’ve started to get a bit of a tan going just walking around the city. The next week is supposed to be filled with 20-22C degree weather which I am quite looking forward to, and going to try and be outside and  exploring and hiking as much as I can. I need to take advantage of while it’s here!

I’ve got lots of fun adventures planned for this week.. so look forward to more blog posts and pictures soon!


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