An Anniversary in Scotland

A week ago I met up with Karen and Anthony who were staying at Cringletie House in the Scottish borders to take some lovely photos of the two of them to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Cringletie House is a beautiful place to stay in the Scottish countryside. It’s a little ways down the road from the cute little town, Peebles, which is posted earlier on my blog. Cringletie House is only an hour bus ride from the centre of Edinburgh along some very beautiful and scenic roads. A great place to stay if you want to explore Edinburgh and the surrounding countryside without having to deal with staying in the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh during the summer and tourist season. Staying outside the city means one doesn’t have to get completely submerged into the craziness (but also wonderfulness) that is Edinburgh in the summer. For those who love a little crazy, Edinburgh is bursting at the seams with many cute little B&B’s.

Below are just a few of the shots we got in the beautiful gardens at Cringletie House. Thankfully we didn’t have to shoot in the horrible thundershowers that happened earlier that morning! We only had to deal with a couple small showers, and then it cleared up beautifully for the end of our photoshoot. What a lovely connection between these two! 🙂












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