The Festival at Summerhall

The festival at Summerhall has been going fabulous so far! There are so many fun things going on all the time, and it’s also just a great place to hangout in the courtyard and have a drink. There is so much fantastic art around the building by Fiona Banner, Lawrence Weiner and Michael Nyman, just to name a few of the artists. Summerhall is such a hub of energy and creativity, it’s a very exciting place to be during the festival!

Last night I went to go see “Major Tom” at Summerhall after work. It’s a one woman show by Victoria Melody with her lazy but beautiful basset hound, Major Tom. The play is a funny story of how Victoria and Major Tom become a beauty queen and a show dog. It’s a fantastic watch, and I would watch it again if I had the chance! If you are in Edinburgh for the festival, it is a show well recommended!

Hopefully in the next few days I’ll also be seeing “Anatomy of the Piano” by Will Pickvance. I’ve heard fabulous things about this show and am really excited to see it!



The beer/piano bike. A collaboration piece between Barney’s Beer and Will Pickvance who is performing “Anatomy of the Piano”. The bike is regularly seen around Summerhall’s courtyard or in the meadows.


The wonderful shop in the courtyard for all your gift, art, and book needs.


The Royal Dick. A wonderful place to sit down with friends and enjoy a pint of Barney’s Beer with some great food from the bar.


The Beer Guys. A great shack in the courtyard where you get to try 5 glasses of Scottish Beers for 5 pounds.


Ecstatic Art by Robbie Thompson.


“Ampersand” a collaboration between Fiona Banner and Lawrence Weiner.


“The Vanity Press” by Fiona Banner. Her own person ISBN number in neon.


More works by Fiona Banner in the Upper Meadows Gallery in Summerhall.


“Jane’s” by Fiona Banner


“Looking for Eva” by Mads Teglers


“Saki and Flynn” by Stuart McCaffer. The outside of the hut turning into a “hairy hut”. You can get your hair but by the barber for only 10 pounds!


“Hut Drawings” by Johnny Miller


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