Overview of the Fringe at Summerhall

The majority of my first Edinburgh Fringe Festival was spent within the magical walls of Summerhall. It was the experience of a lifetime. Sadly I didn’t get out of Summerhall much to see what else was going on, but I did get onto the Royal Mile a couple times, and oh my goodness! The crowds were insane! Lots of cool street performances, and there was such an ecstatic energy around the town. It was so full of life and so exciting all the time. The city never slept. The bubble of Summerhall was a very cool place to be during the festival. It was always buzzing, especially in the courtyard and literally on the roof with Summerhall’s latest arrivals: bees! A few residents at Summerhall are tending a colony of honey bees on the roof. I have yet to go up and meet the wee creatures myself. This was Summerhall’s third festival, and it was fantastic. Non-stop performances, theatre and art exhibitions, one could spend a whole day here and never run out of things to do! The bar and courtyard were hopping every evening, even when it was raining, as there was no shortage of undercover spaces. If you were lucky you might have picked an evening where Ryan the Wheelbarrow was screen printing a car, or was fortunate to catch a glimpse of Barney and Will Pickvance riding around on their piano/keg bike. The delicious brews from Barney’s Beer were always flowing and was a favourite among all who visited the Royal Dick and courtyard bar. My co-workers and I spent many an evening after work having a pint and soaking in the festival culture at Summerhall. My favourite show was Vcitoria Melody’s performance of “Major Tom” with her big beautiful basset hound, who’s name inspired the title of the show. Earlier during August I wrote my wee review of it which is further down on my blog.

I’m looking forward to the festival next year already (I hope I’ll still be here!). Because it’s going to be even bigger and better at Summerhall! I don’t know how it can get better, but I know these fantastic people will find a way.


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