The church galleries at Summerhall

I have posted photos of the other art installations in Summerhall from August/September, but I had not taken my camera into the church galleries yet (besides the phone images of Ryan the Wheelbarrow’s installation).

The first image is part of the 100 Multiples by Lawrence Weiner on show at Summerhall. A collection so large it had to be split into two different areas of the building! The last images are from the Michael Nyman exhibition. The first a collection of images from his film, and the last two show the unique film installation in the upper floor of the Hope Park Church Gallery. This is the first time Nyman’s interpretation of “Man With A Movie Camera” has been presented in this way, with 11 screens running at the same time with different variations of the same movie. It was one of the most popular pieces of the Fringe Festival at Summerhall, especially with its captivating and iconic soundtrack composed by Nyman himself.









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