At the end of September I went to Paris. It was an early birthday present, and what a wonderful trip it was! So much wandering around, taking photos, visiting museums and eating delicious goodies. Paris is a city so full of life and adventure. Very rich in a culture steeped with history. I can not wait to go back and have more time to explore, five days was no where near enough time. We got a Paris Pass to go into the main attractions (besides the Eiffel Tower) for two days, and it was sure worth it! Skip the lines into the museums and that sure saved us hours of time.

The food was amazing. So many little cafes (photos to come in the next blog post) and shops everywhere. Delicious ice creams, baguettes, cheese, croissants, creme brulee, macaroons, chocolate.. the list could go on and on. As much as I would love to make Paris my next destination to live for a couple years, I’m afraid I wouldn’t stop eating and would turn into a balloon! How so many people stay skinny in Paris sure beats me.

One of my favourite museums was the Musee D’Orsay. Of course there is also the world famous Louvre, but I found it quite overwhelming. We only spent two hours there, and you would need weeks to see everything. Had to go pay our respects to the Mona Lisa of course. The Eiffel Tower is definitely worth going up, but book your tickets online in advance! Again it saves hours waiting in lines. Next time I go, there are so many more attractions to see, as well as so much life to capture on the streets.

Below are my images from my trip of just a few of the tourist attractions.


The famous clock in the Musee D’Orsay. It came with an added bonus of a view of the city. The Musee D’Orsay was one of my favourite museums in Paris with artwork from Toulouse Lautrec, Monet and Van Gogh.


The Eiffel Tower. Next time I hope it’s not foggy and partially under construction. All in all, it completely lives up to all the hype. Wonderful views and it’s a masterpiece to look at.


View from the Eiffel Tower.


Arc de Triomphe. What an impressive structure!


View from Montmartre of the Eiffel Tower and the foggy city. Such a stunning view.



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