Overview of the Fringe at Summerhall

The majority of my first Edinburgh Fringe Festival was spent within the magical walls of Summerhall. It was the experience of a lifetime. Sadly I didn’t get out of Summerhall much to see what else was going on, but I did get onto the Royal Mile a couple times, and oh my goodness! The crowds […]

Live fashion vandalism

Here are some more images from August of live fashion vandalism at Summerhall with Ryan the Wheelbarrow. I participated in one of his sessions and walked away with a piece of custom wearable art! If Ryan the Wheelbarrow comes to your city I recommend going out and participating! He also painted the head curator’s car […]

Ryan the wheelbarrow

Yesterday I was invigilating beside Ryan the wheelbarrow setting up his show “Werk_r” in the church gallery in Summerhall. He is a super fun guy from the USA and loves to talk to anyone about his work and process. I managed to snap a few photos as he was revealing one of his on-site creations […]