Street Photography and Cafes in Paris

Paris is a city perfect for street photography. It was a good chance to do something different and capture interesting things and shops on the streets in Paris. Some of the little districts like Montmartre and the Latin and Jewish Quarters were so interesting and with so many photogenic buildings and cafe’s. It becomes a […]

Reid Memorial Church

Took my camera a few days ago to the church down the road. My my what a beautiful area it is. Sadly didn’t get a chance to take a look inside, but here’s a lovely view of the outside. Great Britain sure knows how to make amazing and majestic churches.    

A little bit of Edinburgh

A couple shots over the last couple weeks. The first two are taken from the top of the Sir Walter Scott Monument. It was my fifth time going up! I love the view from the top and can’t wait to take more friends up and show them the fabulous views of Edinburgh! It is a […]

Fair Noir

Yesterday I went with my family to Burntisland. In the middle of the park fair rides were set up, but the majority of them were closed down and not open to the public. It gave off a creepy and run-down vibe, especially with the dramatic storm clouds in the background. The scene lent itself to […]


Last week I got to visit the cute little town of Peebles. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I was mesmorized by the beauty surrounding it. The green by the river Tweed was beautiful, and I loved walking up to the High Street to snoop in the shops and admire the church at the […]

Weekend in Glasgow

My first weekend in Scotland, I was able to go to Glasgow and explore. When walking along a back street, walking between tourist destinations, I stumbled across this old church. It was one of those times where the light was coming in just perfectly and streaming through the leaves to create such beautiful colours. And […]